Imagine If the World Could See What a Mom Sees


The Opening Ceremony for the Winter Olympics is today.  What an exciting time for athletes from around the world!  Many of those athletes, however, struggle against prejudice.  With the support of family and friends, folks face all kinds of bias.  If you’re watching the Olympics, you’ll probably see the following ad a lot.  While we’re not endorsing a product here, we love the message!

One mom sent her kids the link and told them it made her think about watching them strive to achieve their goals, not just in sports but in life. Click the link and see what we’re talking about.  Also, if you scroll down further on the link, you’ll find some stories of former Olympic athletes overcoming bias.

Imagine If the World Could See What a Mom Sees

One thought on “Imagine If the World Could See What a Mom Sees

  1. It appears to me that the Olympics are the least prejudicial event there is. I only hope that the same applies on the road the young athletes take to get there.


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