Fighting the Good Fight

The ESPY Awards were broadcast last week.  The ceremony highlights achievements in sports.  One of the awards, the Pat Tillman Award for Service, celebrates someone from sports who gives back in some way.  This year the award went to Kim Clavel.  Kim is a boxer and was looking forward to the fight of her life…Read more »

Bracelets of Hope

Kamryn Johnson wanted to do something to help the people in Minneapolis, but what can a nine-year-old do?  Plenty!  Kamryn and her friends got to work making and selling string bracelets.  A lot of bracelets!  Their efforts brought in thousands and thousands of dollars.  Today’s Story of Joy will bring a smile to your face…Read more »


Yesterday was Father’s Day, and we ran a story last week recognizing the day; however, we liked today’s story so much that we’re running two Father’s Day stories this year!  Rob Kenney didn’t have great parental role models to follow, but he’s become one for others on YouTube.  He shares “how to” videos, and they’re…Read more »

Dad to the Rescue

For Mother’s Day last month, we brought you a story of motherly instincts taking over in animals.  We have another story from nature for you for Father’s Day.  This time it’s Dad to the Rescue!  When some jacana chicks are in danger, this father knows just what to do. Click the link below to watch.…Read more »

Coming Back Stronger

It’s been difficult watching the news the last couple of weeks.  The message of peaceful protests was overshadowed by stories about  looting and destruction.  The story of one Minneapolis firefighter paramedic with a dream of owning a restaurant shows us the goodness that surrounds us.  His dream lives on, and he plans on helping others…Read more »

Heeeeeere’s Callaghan

Earlier this week we brought you a story of a child reaching out to others with kindness during these difficult days.  Today we have another story of a kid doing great things for others.  Callaghan McLaughlin opened a lemonade stand, make that a joke stand, during the pandemic.  He wanted to do something to brighten…Read more »

Love is Greater

Cavanaugh Bell wanted to find a way to help others during the pandemic.  And did he ever!  He gave up his life savings to start the Love is Greater than COVID-19 Campaign.  He assembled and delivered care packages to senior citizens in his Maryland neighborhood.  With the help of others, his project grew and grew…Read more »

Corey’s Book Club

Corey Peters, Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle, loves to read.  Before the pandemic, he was leading a book club at a high school in Phoenix.  Now he’s moved it online, so more high school students can join in.  What a great way to share his love of reading with others! Click the first link below to…Read more »

I Do! at the Drive-Thru!

June is a big month for weddings around the country.  Saying their “I do’s” at a drive-thru wedding isn’t what they envisioned for their special day, but it ended up making their wedding extra special.  Some couples in Florida have a Court Clerk to thank for making it all happen.  May they live happily ever after! Click…Read more »

Teacher of the Year

The school year is wrapping up around the country.  What a strange school year.  Schools have been meeting remotely for a couple of months now.  It’s been a new way to learn for students and a new way to work for teachers.  Stories of Joy has a nomination for Teacher of the Year.  Bonnie Prenkert,…Read more »