Lost & Found

To quote this video, “You can’t bear to miss this story!” Watch JOY fill a 4 year old’s heart as he is reunited with his beloved teddy bear thanks to the innocent and selfless actions of a generous motorist. Lost & Found . . . found thanks to a caring community. Click the link below…Read more »

Abraham’s Table

Abraham’s Table is Abraham’s Wish. ‘Tis the season of Christmas lists and wishes. This 13 year old decided to give back to others instead of asking for something for himself. Adeola Abraham Olagbegi was given a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Wait until you see what he did with that wish! We can all learn…Read more »

Rakes of Kindness

A busload of New Jersey teens showed up in a neighborhood recently with rakes in hand. Rakes? Yes, rakes. Have you heard of a bunch of kids volunteering to do yard work? Well, they did! They’re volunteers with a nonprofit called I Want to Mow Your Lawn. The story of the creation of the nonprofit…Read more »

Shoes for the Soul

Today you can read and/or watch the story of a 17-year-old Arizona student who orchestrated delivering shoes to students in the Valley. Sam Bregman knows how to put a smile on a kid’s face! 400 faces! His coordinated efforts with local businesses allowed students from Title 1 schools to receive socks and shoes. Click on…Read more »

Superhero Shots!

Is this a shot clinic or a carnival? Is that a pharmacist or a superhero? Pharmacist Chichi Momah is both a pharmacist and a superhero! She wants kids to get vaccinated and be protected from getting and spreading COVID-19, so she put together a team of volunteers who put on the best carnival ever! Click…Read more »

Badge of Music

Wonders never cease! Have you ever seen a police officer in uniform playing beautiful music on a violin? Well, you’re about to see just that! Maryland Police Officer Alexander Strachan serves the public in more ways than one. This officer uses his gifts to serve with both his badge and his music. He says, “We’re…Read more »

Playing with Heart

The Riverside Cubs are an exceptional football team. They headed into Saturday’s California State Championship Game undefeated in their division. Their record makes them exceptional and so does the way they play the game. The Cubs attend the California School for the Deaf. All the players and coaches are hearing impaired, but that doesn’t stop…Read more »

The Store

Today is Thanksgiving, and many of us will sit down to tables overflowing with food. That’s not the case for all. Many in America struggle to put food on the table, but Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley are helping with that. They started a nonprofit, The Store, to help folks get healthy food. One volunteer…Read more »

A Joyful Noise!

Waverly, Tennessee flooded in August. A devastating flood. Many lost everything. Homes. Cars. Clothes. Students in the local school band lost their musical instruments. They recently received a great gift delivered by none other than Vince Gill! They’re grateful and making a JOYFUL noise! Click the link below to watch today’s Story of Joy.