Sheri Beezley had plenty to do when the pandemic started a year ago. She’s a nurse. Even through she was busy, she still noticed that other professions were suffering. Specifically restaurant workers. So, she created a program to help folks in the industry with Adopt-a-Server. Folks reached out and helped with car repairs, birthday presents,…Read more »

Wrestling with Heart

Something about sports stories and helping all enjoy the thrill of victory melts our hearts. Followers of Stories of Joy will enjoy this story about a couple of high school wrestlers from the Phoenix area who exemplify what is right in our world. JB Erb is a wrestler with heart, showing kindness on the mat…Read more »

A Cut Above

A student shows up to school wearing a hat.  This is against the school dress code. Instead of immediately sending the kid to in-school suspension, the principal asked what was wrong and why he disobeyed a simple request to remove his hat.  When the principal learned it was all about a bad haircut, he offered to…Read more »

Feeding the Neighborhood

The power is back on in Texas, but it’ll be months before many have their homes restored due to broken pipes and water damage from the recent winter storm.  One thing folks in Plano won’t soon forget is the kindness and love demonstrated by a local restaurant.  Even though their restaurant and their own home…Read more »

Magic of Fairy Dust

This story will have you crying happy tears.  Eliana believes in fairies.  Her neighbor, Kelly, helped make that fairy dust magic “real” for the little girl.  Sapphire may not be real, but the relationship brought healing to all of them.  Sometimes we reach out to help another person and find we get something great back. …Read more »

Impossible is Possible

What do you get when you mix classical with hip hop with rock with indie?  What do you get?  You get Black Violin!  Kev Marcus and Wil B are Black Violin, and they’re nominated for a Grammy Award which airs March 14.  The pair is happy with their success, but they’re also working to “give…Read more »

I Love You

April DiDonna, a Wendy’s restaurant manager in Oak Harbor, Washington decided the world needs a little more love.  So a few months ago she started saying “I love you” to customers.  The result of her kind offering is heartwarming.  April has taken three simple words and made them shine in a world that needs to…Read more »

Little Art, Big Impact

Stacy Milrany came up with a creative way to spark joy by loving her Seattle neighbors through art.  She shares her gift of art with FLAG, the free little art gallery.  Her “little” art projects started with an effort to help her mother, but it’s grown way beyond that now.  Click the link below to watch…Read more »

Swimming Joy

One of the Super Bowl ads during last week’s game may have caught your eye.  It showed Jessica Long “swimming” through her life.  From orphanage to adoption to pool.  Jessica is a paralympic swimmer who loves competing in the pool.  In today’s Story of Joy, she talks about watching the ad and why she loves…Read more »