Magic of a Smile

The family of a 5 year old receiving cancer treatments in the hospital wanted to brighten his spirits, so they put a post-it note smiley face in his window.  Someone in the building across from his window saw it and responded back with a post-it note picture as well.  They became Window Buddies! Not knowing who was…Read more »

Blessed & Grateful

Tia Jensen feels blessed. Gage Tappe feels grateful. The two met face-to-face recently after a long wait, but they had an impact on each before the meeting. Tia has multiple sclerosis and was diagnosed with leukemia. She needed a bone marrow transplant. Gage had his own struggles but was taught you “help people when they…Read more »

Little Man

Sometimes we can derive joy from others’ accomplishments. When you see the pictures of “Little Man”–aka Harvey Sutton–your heart will be filled with joy! When you see his smile, you’ll smile too! Harvey turned five while hiking the Appalachian Trail with his parents. It was a time of great joy and strong bonding for the…Read more »

Love for Our Elders

In 2013, after his grandpa passed away, Jacob Cramer founded the nonprofit Love for Our Elders.  He saw the great impact a handwritten letter had on isolated elders.  Since starting the nonprofit, Jacob has “been on a mission to alleviate a growing loneliness epidemic.”  ABC 15 in Phoenix, AZ recently published an article and news…Read more »

Delivering Hope

What does hope look like?  For Dion Dawson it looks like a van filled with fresh fruits and vegetables for his neighbors.  Dawson started a non-profit in his hometown of Englewood, a Chicago neighborhood, called Dion’s Chicago Dream.  Instead of people coming to a facility and waiting in a long line to pick up food, Dawson brings his…Read more »

Sheep Art

Losing someone you love is always difficult. Losing someone you love during a pandemic carries an extra burden. Ben Jackson is a sheep farmer in Australia. When his aunt died recently, he was unable to travel to the funeral, so he said good-bye in his own unique way. In a way that he knows would…Read more »

Officer MacGyver?

His name isn’t really Officer MacGyver. His name is Officer Robert Kennedy, but we bet his fellow officers have nicknamed him MacGyver! Officer Kennedy is a New York City Police Officer, and he recently saved a man’s life using some unusual items. What did he use? A bag of chips and roll of tape! It’s…Read more »

To the Rescue

Axel Farhi, a French tourist, was visiting New York City last month. He had an encounter with two New York City Police Officers he’ll never forget. He was lucky to have Officer Lily Graham and Officer Eddie Griffin on duty that day. Today’s Story of Joy reminds us that you never know when you’ll need…Read more »

Giving Back

Tripp Hughes is a special boy. He’s endured 850+ treatments for lymphoma. Most of us would be glad to walk away from the hospital and never go back. Not Tripp. He wanted to give back. He noticed the hospital was running low on toys for other kids dealing with cancer, so he decided to do…Read more »