Running with Heart

Ben Boardley competed in the Indiana State Cross-Country Meet a few weeks ago.  Ben made the news afterwards . . . but not for his running.  He made the news because of his sportsmanship and his kindness.  Today’s Story of Joy shows all of us how we should treat our “competitors” no matter the circumstances. …Read more »

Helping the World

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today is Thanksgiving Day and Day Four of our Crossover Event with the Desert Cross Faith Formation Website.  The world is thankful for the good news coming out in the last couple of weeks about possible vaccines for the coronavirus.  Once it’s widely available, we have hope that many lives can be saved around…Read more »

Navigating Online School

Today is Day Three of our crossover event with the Desert Cross Faith Formation Website.  This week we’re highlighting stories of young people doing good things for other people.  These stories give us hope for the future.  Today’s Story of Joy features Sophia Joffee.  Sophia isn’t just trying to survive online school–she’s trying to make navigating…Read more »

Darkness to Light

You know you’re doing great things when President Trump and Vice President-Elect Harris notice the good you’re doing in the world!  That’s Cavanaugh Bell.  He took a negative experience and decided to do good in response to it.  Lots of good.  Today is Day Two of our crossover event with the Desert Cross Faith Formation…Read more »

Crossover Event

Some television networks have “crossover events” where shows have storylines that crossover to another show on the same network.  This week Stories of Joy is having a crossover event with the Desert Cross Faith Formation Website.  Both projects come to you from Desert Cross Lutheran Church, a faith community located in Tempe and Gilbert, Arizona.  Our…Read more »

More Than a Picture

Positive News is a quarterly magazine with a unique mission–Good Journalism about Good Things.  The recent edition included an article about Kay Rufai.  Mr. Rufai is a British-Nigerian artist, photographer, and author.  He brought a unique project to some schools in the London area.  The Smile-ing Boys Project is a photography exhibit featuring images of smiling 13-year-old…Read more »

Garage Library

Kids love going to the library. Unfortunately, not all libraries are open during the pandemic, and the libraries that are open are open for limited hours.  One teacher came to the rescue for kids wanting books to read.  She built her own library!  In her garage!  Miss Martin’s Library is open for business, and the kids…Read more »

Smile for the Camera

Those having babies during the pandemic are facing challenges.  Some they don’t mind, but missing out on professional newborn pictures for this family was something they weren’t willing to let go of.  Thankfully there are photographers willing to do virtual photo shoots and walk these families through setting up the lighting and props.   Click the link…Read more »

A Home for the Helpers

As if the pandemic wasn’t stressful enough, then wildfires started raging in California.  Hundreds of people lost homes.  Frontline workers who were helping evacuate never thought they’d be the ones to lose their homes as well. These first responders got an unexpected surprise after their home was a complete loss.  Thank you to our frontline workers,…Read more »