Detroit Hives

During the past few years the honeybee population has been on the decline. Scientists around the world are very concerned about this.  In recent years the city of Detroit has also seen its share of problems. In today’s Story of Joy the insect and the city come together.  It’s a story all about new beginnings…Read more »

Where Did 50 Years Go?

Where did 50 years go?  That’s the question Nick Ercoline asks himself today.  He and his wife, Bobbi, were at Woodstock 50 years ago this month.  In fact, a photograph of them appears on the cover of the album.   Fifty years later they’re still together.  Happily sharing their memories of the famous music festival. Click…Read more »


We could learn a lot from 11-year-old Ruben Martinez.  He lives in El Paso and was struggling with the news of the recent shooting there.  He’s choosing to respond to the senseless killing by performing twenty-two acts of kindness in tribute to the twenty-two victims.  The wisdom of a child speaks loudly.  Let’s pay attention.…Read more »

Some Light

Our country watches in horror at the recent shootings.  The number of events is unfathomable.  It’s difficult to watch the news; yet, there’s some light in these stories.  Some light.  Some goodness.  Gilbert Serna, an employee at the Walmart in El Paso, showed us some light, some goodness.  Adria Gonzalez, a customer in that same…Read more »

Lights On

You may remember Stories of Joy brought you a story a while back about a principal who installed a laundry room at a high school so that kids could wash their clothes.  Now he’s helping the students in a new way with a program called Lights On.  It provides a safe place for kids to…Read more »

A Bittersweet Good-bye

As kids around the country say good-bye to summer and head back to school, we want to share a beautiful story with you about some students saying good-bye to a special neighbor.  Waving to someone is a simple gesture, but this story shows how it can lead to a lot of JOY! Click the link…Read more »

The Boy Who Helped Apollo 11

We brought you a story about Neil Armstrong on Monday.  We have another Apollo 11 related story today.  Do you know that a 10-year-old boy helped the Apollo 11 astronauts communicate with Mission Control?  This story was news to us at Stories of Joy, and it’s a great story!  Greg Force tells his daughter all…Read more »