Good Talk

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and it’s always a good day to celebrate dads.  Today’s Story of Joy will bring a smile to your face.  Young Kingston is having a “good talk” with his dad while they watch TV.  It’s a fun father-son moment.  Enjoy! Click the link below to watch. Good Talk

Like a Father

Curtis Jenkins is a school bus driver in Dallas, Texas, but to many kids he’s so much more than that.  He’s a father to them.  In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re sharing his story.  Mr. Jenkins creates a close community on his bus rides by sharing smiles, giving gifts, and being family to the kids…Read more »

Oklahoma! . . . and So Much More!

The Tony Awards air Sunday evening.  Ali Stroker is nominated for an award.  She appears in Oklahoma! on Broadway.  Her performance is inspiring for her great acting, but her personal story is inspiring too.  Ali performs her part from a wheelchair.  Hers is an amazing story of grit and determination. Click the link below to…Read more »

Dear Pen Pal . . .

As the school year ends, students at Ward Traditional Academy in Tempe, Arizona are leaving with some special memories and some new friends.  They spent the school year writing letters to residents at Friendship Village Senior Living.  Friendships across generations were formed through these letters, and the kids and the seniors enjoyed meeting each other. …Read more »

Go Change the World

By now you’ve probably heard of the incredible gift from Robert Smith, Founder of Vista Equity Partners, who announced his gift to this year’s graduates of Morehouse College at Commencement.  He is paying off their student loans!  There are many, many new graduates celebrating the news.  One of them is Dwytt Lewis who wants to…Read more »

Leaders for the Next Generation

Today is Memorial Day, the day we remember those who died in active military service.  To pay tribute to those who served, we’re celebrating those who are committing to serve today.  This year West Point graduated its most diverse class in history, including thirty-four Black female cadets.  They’re honored to serve in the footsteps of…Read more »