A Love Story

We’ve been saving this story for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a love story.  A love story met with resistance.  A love story that made history.  Kris and Paul were one of the first couples in the world with Down Syndrome to get married.  With the support of family and friends they married.  Now the support of…Read more »

Going the Extra Mile

Today’s Story of Joy is super short . . . but super kind!  We’ve all been there.  You look down at the gas gauge and realize that you need gas.  Now!  That happened to one family recently during a medical emergency.  They received a helping hand and more. Click the link below to listen to…Read more »

The Gift of Empathy

Brayden Martin, a 14-year old, felt empathy for a student who was being teased for his clothing.  As you might imagine, that type of teasing is not a rare occurrence in the hallways of a school.  What is rare is Brayden’s response to the situation.  Brayden chose to earn some money and purchase new clothes…Read more »

Everyday Heroes

Stories of Joy started two years ago this month.  Happy Birthday!  Thanks for reading our stories and sharing them with your friends and family.  Before we close the books on the first month of 2020, let’s look back at last year.  Google put together today’s video.  It highlights everyday heroes, and several of our Stories…Read more »

Read On!

A while back we brought you the story about Belinda George, a principal in Texas who reads bedtime stories to her students by using the internet.  Keisha Yearby, a second grade teacher in Virginia, was inspired to start doing the same for her students.  She now has folks logging in from California, Florida, and South…Read more »

New Year=MORE New Glasses

A couple of weeks ago we brought you a story about a colorblind student receiving a special pair of glasses from his science teacher.  That story, New Year=New Glasses, has a follow up story.  Today’s story is New Year=MORE New Glasses.  That student and his mom are crowdfunding to raise money for glasses for others…Read more »