Seeing Music

No one can tickle the ivories like 18-year-old jazz musician Matthew Whitaker! Matthew has been vision-impaired since birth. His remarkable story begins with a diagnosis that he wouldn’t be able to walk or function to discovering he is a child prodigy with an unparalleled gift for music. Matthew says, “I am a musician, who happens…Read more »

Mother-Daughter Doctors

We shared a story about some new doctors with you earlier this week.  Today we’re sharing another one.  This time it’s a mother-daughter pair of doctors.  That’s right!  A mother and a daughter graduating from medical school at the same time!  Meet the new doctors and hear how they’re hoping to inspire others by being…Read more »

Honk for the Doctors

New doctors are graduating this summer and heading to the front lines of the pandemic.  The University of California Irvine School of Medicine’s recent graduation ceremony was quite unusual, but it didn’t squelch the enthusiasm of this new group of doctors.  Their dedication and hope are inspiring.  We wish them well as they care for…Read more »

We’re Going to Harvard

With the pandemic, college life will look different this fall, but to Rehan Stanton it’s going to look great!  After a life of hardship and many, many challenges along the way, Rehan is headed to Harvard Law School.  With the help and encouragement of others, he found a way to persevere.  He may be going…Read more »

Rest in Peace, John Lewis

John Lewis died Friday evening.  With his death, the United States lost a Civil Rights icon and a voice for justice.  John Lewis was arrested again and again for speaking his mind and demonstrating for equal rights. Yet, he continued to speak with hope for what America could be.  He demonstrated that hope when he…Read more »

The Ultimate Gift

Jeff Granger needed a kidney, and he received one.  Years later, he needed another kidney, and he received one.  A lifesaving mission between strangers who became friends shows us how generosity brings joy!  Today’s Story of Joy shows how enduring love trumps all! Click the link below for today’s story. The Ultimate Gift

A Gown with a Message

Duct tape can fix anything, right?  Maybe even COVID-19.  In a world of negatives, 41 rolls of duct tape +  An off-the-shoulder gown = A positive outlook on Coronavirus. This young woman finds a way to represent the other side of the crisis where we get through it together! Click the link below to read the…Read more »

Giving it Away

Many Americans received stimulus checks to help them through the pandemic.  Some were laid off and needed the money to pay bills.  Some saved the money for a rainy day.  Some were able to work from home and didn’t lose income.  So, what did they do with the money?  Some gave it away!  Today’s Story…Read more »

You’re an American!

We celebrated Independence Day over the weekend.   Some folks celebrated the holiday by becoming U.S. Citizens.  Today’s Story of Joy reminds us that Americans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, and backgrounds.  The American Dream drives many to immigrate to America, and even in a pandemic, they found a way to their swearing in…Read more »

In Harmony

Our country will celebrate the Fourth of July in a couple of days.  Americans have been challenged these last few months.  Today’s Story of Joy shows us how we can sing in harmony.  Madisen Hallberg was preparing to sing the national anthem for the virtual commencement ceremony at Portland State University when another voice joined…Read more »