Happiness and Joy

Many of us are attending graduation ceremonies or sending congratulatory messages this time of year.  They’re fun occasions.  David Brooks, a columnist for The New York Times, spoke at commencement ceremonies at Arizona State University recently.  He chose to speak and write about happiness and joy.  He wrote that happiness is the great feeling of…Read more »

Help from a Stranger

Walker Hughes is autistic.  His mother had to take him to the ER recently, and she was apprehensive.  They’ve been there before, and things don’t always go well when people don’t understand her son’s condition.  Sgt. Keith Miller approached things differently, and it made all the difference. Click the link below to listen to today’s…Read more »

You Keep Going

Jeffrey Bristol walked across the stage to receive his diploma at graduation ceremonies at the University of Arizona last weekend.  That may not sound like a big deal, but for Jeffrey it was a huge accomplishment.  He set the goal a while ago, and it took the help of many people to make those steps…Read more »

A Rock Star!

Avett Maness wants to be a rock star.  He’s only seven years old, and he already plays piano.  In fact, he taught himself how to play.  That’s only a small part of this incredible story. Click the link below to meet the world’s next rock star! A Rock Star!

Mom, I Got You a Car

Krystal Preston is a single mom of three living in Nevada.  She struggles to make ends meet, but things are a little easier these days because of the generosity of her son, William.  Mother’s Day is Sunday, and Krystal and her family have a lot to celebrate. Click the link below to watch today’s Story…Read more »

It is My Duty

In honor of Nurse Appreciation Day . . . we’re bringing you a poem written by Dawn Butler, an RN from Pennsylvania.  Say thanks to a nurse today! It is my duty I walk through those doors with pride, Whose life will i save tonight? Someone is waiting for me, Someone is alive today because…Read more »

May I Join You?

Three young men were out to dinner recently at a restaurant and noticed a woman eating alone.  They asked if they could sit together and learned an important lesson.  You never know how far an act of kindness can go in this world.  Today’s story is a sweet story about noticing others around you. Click…Read more »