Kindness Chain

One man in Texas needed a new kidney.  He and his wife decided to enter a kidney swap program, and that act of kindness led to another, and to another, and to another.  John and Tara Berliski’s choice to give to others started a kindness chain.  And the man overseeing the surgery . . .…Read more »

A Special Note

A special note from some special people.  That’s what Dan Stones found left behind by firefighters at his family cabin in Colorado.  Engine 1446 went above and beyond doing their dangerous work.  Their act of kindness is appreciated by the Stones family.  As we’ve seen before, one act of kindness leads to another act of kindness. …Read more »

Dear Pen Pal

Folks in care centers around the country have been cut off from families and friends during the pandemic. While restricting visitors is a necessary precaution, it creates isolation and loneliness. One care center had the great idea of creating a pen pal program, and the response was amazing! Click the link below to hear the…Read more »

Testing for Good

Taft Foley is a high school senior in Texas, and he’s doing something unusual and incredible with his spare time this year. He’s running his own mobile COVID-19 testing site. It’s quite a gift to the people in his community as he approaches the project with his “pay it forward” attitude. Click the link below…Read more »

Early Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is more than a month away, and the two people featured in today’s story feel thankful every day.  It’s a beautiful illustration of the power of second chances.  A second chance for both of them.  An Alabama woman donated her kidney to the police officer who previously arrested her.  Click the link below to celebrate their…Read more »

Protecting Poll Workers

Two brothers in California began making personal protective equipment to protect their grandparents.  Then they started donating PPE to frontline workers.  Now they’re protecting the vote by donating PPE to poll workers.  Their incredible kindness and great drive will inspire you today.  Click the link below to learn how this project has grown and grown and grown.


Trick or Treating meets social distancing! An Ohio dad had a creative idea to ensure the fun of trick or treating in the midst of the pandemic. He and his six year old daughter created a candy chute together on a craft night. His simple invention will “chute” candy and Halloween joy to neighbors everywhere as the idea has gone…Read more »

Lasagna Love

Rhiannon Menn felt helpless at the start of the pandemic.  She wanted to help people, but she didn’t know what to do.  Then she thought of it . . . lasagna!  She started making the dish again and again and sharing it with others.  She gave them away to neighbors.  She found folks who were…Read more »

Desks to the Rescue!

Students across America are attending school from home.  Attending school online has many, many challenges.  Some lacked the most basic of school supplies.  A desk.  Folks saw a need, and they came to help.  Refurbishing.  Building.  Painting.  Delivering.  Click the link below to watch today’s Story of Joy.  You’ll see the faces of students across the…Read more »

Campus Shutdown to Campus Helpline

Sometimes people don’t know there’s a need to be met.  When Benedict College in South Carolina shut down earlier this year because of the pandemic, it inadvertently created some homeless students.  Makayla Alston was one of them.  Her courage to reach out for help created a helpline for her and for others.  She’s a determined young…Read more »