Everyday Heroes

Stories of Joy started two years ago this month.  Happy Birthday!  Thanks for reading our stories and sharing them with your friends and family.  Before we close the books on the first month of 2020, let’s look back at last year.  Google put together today’s video.  It highlights everyday heroes, and several of our Stories…Read more »

Read On!

A while back we brought you the story about Belinda George, a principal in Texas who reads bedtime stories to her students by using the internet.  Keisha Yearby, a second grade teacher in Virginia, was inspired to start doing the same for her students.  She now has folks logging in from California, Florida, and South…Read more »

New Year=MORE New Glasses

A couple of weeks ago we brought you a story about a colorblind student receiving a special pair of glasses from his science teacher.  That story, New Year=New Glasses, has a follow up story.  Today’s story is New Year=MORE New Glasses.  That student and his mom are crowdfunding to raise money for glasses for others…Read more »

A Life of Service

Today is Marin Luther King Jr Day, and this year marks the 25th anniversary of The Day of Service.  It’s a day all Americans are encouraged to perform acts of service to improve their communities.  On this day, we’re hearing a conversation with Rep. John Lewis, a man who has lived a life of service…Read more »

Making Friends with Legos

Cohen and Keagan are two boys becoming friends in an unusual situation.  Their friendship is forming because of Ki-Jana Upshaw, KJ for short.  KJ works in an isolation unit at a hospital.  The boys, both hospitalized for extended periods of time, share a love for Legos.  KJ recognized their interest and their isolation, and did…Read more »

Christmas Spirit Lives On

Christmas has come and gone, and we hope it was lovely for you and your families.  Though the season is over, we think the spirit should absolutely remain! The act of kindness and compassion from today’s Story of Joy reflects what is great about every day, not just Christmas, that is our ability to help people…Read more »

A Great Comeback

Dale and Tim are two vets from Portsmouth, Ohio.  They went away to serve their country.  When they returned home, their town was changed.  Changed by the opioid crisis.  They’re saving the town and saving lives.  One CrossFit class and one job at a time.  Two giving back to many.  What a great way to…Read more »