Dream Big!

The children at Glen Lake Elementary had a dream. A Big Dream! They noticed that some kids were left out on the playground because physical disabilities prevented them from playing on the equipment. They were missing out on the fun at recess. So they shared their dream of purchasing adaptive playground equipment with their teacher.…Read more »

Valentine’s Day???

It’s not your typical Valentine’s Day at the San Antonio Zoo. They offer a unique gift, but it’s not for your sweetheart. Instead, it’s for your ex. It’s a unique fundraiser to raise money for endangered species, and it rakes in the money . . . and the laughs. For a fee, you can name…Read more »

Football Brotherhood

In honor of the Super Bowl, we’re sharing an extra Story of Joy this week. Joseph Ossai, a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals, played an incredible game against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship game.  He was a key part of a Bengals defense that slowed down star quarterback Patrick Mahomes and…Read more »

Super Bowl Reward!

Although Jay Withey’s team, the Buffalo Bills, won’t be at the Super Bowl Sunday, he’ll be there! Jay received a Super Bowl Reward for his actions on Christmas Eve. You probably remember the history-making snowstorm that hit Buffalo in December. Jay and other travelers were stranded in their cars, so he broke into a local…Read more »

Mama Dawson

And the Grammy goes to . . . Mama Dawson! The Grammy Awards were handed out last night. Pam Dawson received the 2023 Grammy Music Educator Award. Each year a teacher receives a Grammy in support of music education, and this year’s recipiant is the choir director at DeSoto High School in Texas. Her students…Read more »

Grace’s Dream

Flowers make people happy.  What if you had a whole farm full of flowers?!  That was Grace Lam’s dream come true. It’s became a family affair, and they love working together and sharing their gifts in their individual ways.  Her childhood dream provides opportunities for their family, and it also provides joy in the form of…Read more »

No Playbook

There’s no playbook. That’s what one doctor said when asked about an amazing surgery last week at a Texas hospital. Jamielynn and Amielynn Finley were born several months ago. Since then, doctors have been figuring out and making a plan for separating the conjoined twins. Their parents, James Finley and Amanda Arciniega, share their Story…Read more »

Hug of Kindness

Sometimes little acts of kindness can make a huge difference.  For Cody, it was a hug from a coach in high school while he was grieving the death of his mother. That hug made a world of difference then . . . and now.  Sixteen years later, Cody still thinks about that hug often and…Read more »

Friends for Life

It’s hard to believe that a long lasting friendship could start at an Airbnb. It’s even harder to believe that the Airbnb trip included a plumbing disaster! Elke Thau-Montgomery and Rudi Montgomery traveled to Florida from Germany to explore the Everglades. They rented an apartment from Beth Ann Moon and Jennifer Steinberg. Things started out…Read more »