Lives Transformed

It all started in a book club.  Students from Palma School have been attending a book club at Soledad State Prison for several years.  The discussions about characters and plots and choices have taught the participants about empathy and compassion and giving.  Today’s Story of Joy is about lives transformed not just through reading .…Read more »

Making a Difference

Today’s Story of Joy came our way last month at Christmastime, and we didn’t want you to miss it.  Fostering and adopting a child is no easy undertaking, however, the Kolas family has taken on fostering six.  You read that right, six.  They now have eight children between the ages of eight and twenty.  You read…Read more »

More Than a Restaurant

Restaurants have taken a huge hit during the pandemic.  Many of them are much more than just a restaurant.  Some restaurants are an inspiration for good.  First, Andy Koutsoudakis helped by providing meals for an ICU staff.  Then he honored his father’s memory by doing more good.  Today’s story shows how joy can come from grief and…Read more »

Searching for Words, Finding Hope

Ten years ago last week former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was the victim of a shooting in Tucson.  Six people died that day, and thirteen were injured.  A decade later Giffords continues her recovery with the help of family, friends, and Dr. Fabi Hirsch, a speech-language pathologist.  Today’s Story of Joy shows how far someone…Read more »

Love Wins

Last week was a troubling week for America.  We clearly saw how divided we are and how much healing we need.  Yet, there were stories of hope and joy too.  Today’s Story of Joy is one of those stories.  A powerful bond and a special friendship was formed at a St. Louis hospital between an…Read more »

Lucky Hiker

As 2021 begins, one Utah hiker is feeling grateful.  Although he’s recovering from broken bones sustained in a fall last week, he’s thankful to be alive and thankful for the help he received.  You’d assume he received help from rescue crews, which he did, but he also received help from another group of people.  Click…Read more »

Wreaths for the Year

You might be packing your Christmas wreath away for the season, but today’s Story of Joy is about wreaths you might want to show off all year.  Texas Air Force Staff Sergeant Nicole Pompei makes very special wreaths out of old military uniforms.  It’s a uniform she respects greatly, and she makes the wreaths with…Read more »

Choose Joy

Today is your day to choose and share a Story of Joy. We’ve shared more than one hundred Stories of Joy with you this year. We’re encouraging you to take a look back at these stories. Find your favorites and share them with a friend or two or three. It’s your turn to share JOY…Read more »

Code JOY!

Ellen Edlund is usually on the other side of the hospital bed.  She’s a veteran nurse in Billings, Montana, but she was on the receiving end of that care while battling COVID-19.  She was home last week for Christmas and feels grateful to have survived the virus.  She exited the hospital to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”…Read more »

Merry Christmas, Neighbor!

Merry Christmas!  Chris Kennedy loves decorating his yard for Christmas.  This year, however, he started to wonder if he lives in a neighborhood that suits his family.  He didn’t need to wonder for very long.  His neighbors stepped up and showed him how welcome his family is by welcoming his decorations with open arms.  Click…Read more »