Eric Perkins lived without a home for three years. He lived on the beach, in a shelter, and in a hotel during the pandemic. When he was offered a program that would provide him a home with a roommate, he was hesitant. If you’ve done it, then you know that living with roommates can be…Read more »

Honoring and Loving

Grandchildren are a gift and a joy. No one knows that better than George Hughes. His granddaughters surprised their grandfather on a special night recently.  This story illuminates the joy in the little things and how small moments matter. His granddaughter said it best when she acknowledged that we don’t know how much time we…Read more »

Purple Leash Project

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. James Smith-Williams, an NFL player with the Washington Commanders, is supporting the Purple Lease Project.  Pets bring people great joy, and this initiative supports more pet friendly shelters. Smith-Williams was motivated to help after hearing a sexual assault survivor ask this question: If you’re a good man, what are…Read more »

Lessons Learned from a Boll Weevil

Lest we think plagues are just something we read about in the Bible, the town of Enterprise, Alabama experienced a Biblical infestation of boll weevil insects up close and personal in the early 1900s.  The bugs destroyed everything in their path, including the local cotton crop.  But instead of hiding away this difficult and destructive history, the…Read more »

New Joy!

Joey Leathwood loves the water, but he never had a chance to enjoy the sea . . . until now. Joey has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. A trip to the beach seemed out of reach until a group supplied him with a beach wheelchair. His mother, Helen Butterfield, shared that “the chance to experience waves and…Read more »

Extra Joy

There was so much bad news yesterday. So many heartbreaking things happening around the world. Kidnapping. Shooting. Stabbing. War. Hurricane. On a day like that, we at Stories of Joy thought everyone could use some extra joy, and Stephen Vogt of the Oakland A’s supplied that joy. Vogt was playing in his final MLB game…Read more »

Banana Ball?

The Major League Baseball Postseason starts tomorrow. You won’t see Banana Ball there! What’s Banana Ball? You have to see it to believe it! The Savannah Bananas are like no other baseball team you’ll ever see. In fact, some baseball fans wouldn’t call it baseball at all, but Banana Fans call it fun, fun, fun!…Read more »

Listen to the Music!

Community bands exist all across the country. They date back to the American Revolution. Folks get together to practice and perform at picnics, in gyms, in parks, even at Carnegie Hall! They love music, and they love sharing that music with others. The members of these bands form a connection with one another that lasts…Read more »

Signing Love

Spring and summer are big months for weddings. There have been thousands of weddings these last months with thousands of flower girls, but Riley Pacala is an extra special flower girl. When she was asked to be a part of her Uncle Brian’s wedding, no one knew how special the day would be for their…Read more »