I Will Read

Tomorrow is Tuesday, better known as “Tucked in Tuesday” for kids at one elementary school in Texas.  Dr. Belinda George is connecting with kids in a unique way…by reading them a bedtime story every Tuesday!  The JOY of realizing your principal cares enough to make sure you hear a story before bed is important for…Read more »

Gift from the Heart

I was in a discussion group a couple of weeks ago, and the leader challenged us.  She told us we should pay attention to events in the world and in our community and find ways to respond when we see wrongs.  Look for ways to reach out.  Look for ways to help.  On my way…Read more »

A Boat and a Bird

Simple moments and kindness bring unexpected joy to everyday life.  A friend told me an amazing story about her vacation in Mexico this spring. The young man pictured was a helper on a water taxi in Cabo San Lucas with American vacationers going to “lands end.” Suddenly the boat turned around, and the captain said that this young man…Read more »

In Honor of . . .

Micah Herndon, a Marine veteran, ran the Boston Marathon on Monday.  He runs in memory of fallen comrades, Mark Juarez, Matthew Ballard, Rupert Hamer.  When he hit “the wall” during the run, he didn’t give up.  Instead, he crawled across the finish line in honor of them. Click the link below to hear his story.…Read more »

New Shoes

Addy Tritt bought 204 pairs of shoes . . . and then gave them all away.  Today’s Story of Joy brought a bright spot to those hit by the flooding in Nebraska.  What a gift.  To be more precise . . . 204 gifts. Click the link below to read today’s story. New Shoes

Bigger Than Basketball

We’ve been bringing you a lot of basketball stories lately, but today’s story is too good to pass up.  The NBA Season ended last night, and the playoffs start in a couple of days.  Dwyane Wade is finishing an amazing career as a star player, but he’s bigger than basketball.  Today’s Story of Joy shows…Read more »

Underrated? Not So Fast!

The NCAA Men’s National Championship Basketball Game is tonight, so we have one more basketball story for you.  Steph Curry is better known for being an NBA All-Star rather than a three-star player, but he knows what it’s like to be underrated.  He experienced that in high school, so he’s giving back to the game…Read more »