Yesterday was a very special Father’s Day at the Powell house. Melody and Frank Powell have been married since 2014. When they married, they became a blended family. Frank had a son, and Melody had two children. Sarah and Will wanted Frank to know that he’s their dad, so they planned a special way to…Read more »

Father F1rst

I’m a Father F1rst grew out of heartbreak. Keith A. Lewis, Jr. was a divorced dad missing his kids. He was looking for ways to stay connected to his children. From that experience, Keith and Jermaine Clarke built I’m a Father F1rst. The non-profit went from giving free haircuts to teaching business skills to providing…Read more »

Amazing Amy

The U.S. Open begins Thursday. Pro golfers will tee off at Torrey Pines in California. We know Amy Bockerstette will be watching to see who makes history at this year’s tournament. Amazing Amy made her own history this year as the first person with Down Syndrome to compete in a national collegiate athletic championship. When…Read more »

Graduation Joy!

We brought you some graduation stories recently, but this one is too good to let it go unnoticed. Joy rises from the pandemic as students receive an unexpected surprise¬†at their college graduation. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving as students are asked to pay it forward. Click the link below to see some…Read more »

Family to Call Her Own

Monyay was nineteen and aging out of the foster care system she’d been in for years. After all the years in foster care, all she wanted was a family. All she wanted was a mom. She was close to giving up hope, but she now has a family to call her own. Click the link…Read more »

Lend a Helping Hand

Good can come from challenging times. As the COVID-19 pandemic took its grip on our health and way of life, it came with some really promising side effects.¬† We looked around and saw the needs around us. We acted on those needs and offered a helping hand. We volunteered in greater numbers. Click the link…Read more »

The National Anthem

Today is Memorial Day, the day we remember those men and women who died serving our country in the military. In their honor, we bring you the National Anthem. D’Corey Johnson loves singing the anthem and volunteered to sing it at his Louisville, Kentucky elementary school. He started singing in church. After you hear him…Read more »

From Patient to Graduate

Madison Jarocha has spent a lot of time as a patient. She’s been in and out of the hospital more times than she can count. That time in the hospital inspired her. Inspired her to get well. Inspired her to go to college. Inspired her to become a nurse. After graduating this month with her…Read more »

From Uber Ride to Graduation

It’s graduation season around the country. Stories of Joy is celebrating the season by highlighting a couple of graduates. Latonya Young had a goal. She wanted to go to college and earn a degree, but one thing after another got in her way. The goal seemed out of reach until Kevin Esch took an Uber…Read more »

Mr. Fix-it

Chris Barber is a good mechanic. He’s also a good guy. Linda Abrants will testify to both. Linda uses a wheelchair and had a broken wheelchair lift. It breaks so often that she gave up on having it repaired, but Chris, also known as Mr. Fix-it, came to the rescue. Like we said, he’s a…Read more »