Delivering Kindness

Greg Dailey delivers newspapers.  Nowadays he’s delivering a lot more than the news.  He’s delivering groceries.  He’s delivering a smile.  He’s delivering kindness.  Right to the front door.  Today’s story is one of someone seeing a need and reaching out.  He’s showing others that there are many ways to help each other during the pandemic.…Read more »

Are You my Mother?

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  We’re bringing you a very unusual story about motherhood today.  It’s several years old, but it’s a new story for Stories of Joy.  We thought it might be new for you too.  It comes from Ireland, so you get to enjoy the story . . . and the accents!  Happy Mother’s Day to…Read more »

The Heroic Work of Gina Rejas

Gina Rejas is a hero fighting the pandemic.  She’s not a first responder.  She’s not a doctor.  She’s not a nurse.  She’s a cleaner in a hospital.  Her work is vital.  With the help of her daughter and son-in-law, she talks about her work and how important it is to her. Thank you, Gina, for…Read more »

Care for the Caring

A couple of weeks ago Stories of Joy brought you a Week of Joy.  We highlighted heroes of all sorts doing what they can to support others during this pandemic.  One of those stories was about World Central Kitchen.  Today’s story is about heroes helping heroes.  Nurses came from all over the country to New…Read more »


What’s an ECMO?  It stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.  It’s a form of life support that bypasses the lungs to oxygenate a patient’s blood.  Seattle saw some of our country’s first cases of COVID-19, and Dr. Ryan Padgett was one of the first health care workers to contract the disease.  He’s home now and very grateful for…Read more »

A Tree Blooms in Japan

It seems like Mother Nature is out of control.  The novel coronavirus is able to travel around the world.  It’s able to pass from person to person without any symptoms.  The quick progression of the illness is frightening.  Yet, other parts of Mother Nature are equally breathtaking because of their beauty.  Today’s Story of Joy…Read more »

Five Precious Gifts

Dr. Sarosh Janjua was speeding.  Minnesota State Trooper Brian Schwartz pulled her over.  The doctor deserved a ticket.  She expected a ticket.  Instead, Trooper Schwartz gave her five precious gifts.  Five very valuable gifts.  Today’s story shows us how people on the front lines of this pandemic take care of each other. Click the link…Read more »