People in Italy have been quarantined in their homes because of COVID-19.  How did they respond?  With frustration?  With impatience?  With anger?  No. With applause!  With appreciation!  With thanks!  Folks gathered on balconies to applaud health care workers and to encourage each other.  What a beautiful scene.  What a beautiful response. Click the link below to watch today’s…Read more »

Team Assist

Josh Speidel dreamed of playing college basketball.  He earned an athletic scholarship at the University of Vermont, but a devastating car accident derailed his plans.  Last week he fulfilled a dream with an assist from his team.  Today’s Story of Joy reminds us of how others can help us through the hardest times. Click the…Read more »

Hearts of Kindness

Valentine’s Day has come and gone but the act of kindness of one student will continue to be remembered.  You are loved is something everyone needs to hear.   This story is worth sharing again and again. Click the link below to read this story. Hearts of Kindness      

From Strangers to Girlfriends

Shannon Stanhope was facing the challenge of a lifetime and needed some assistance.  She posted her need on a website asking for a helping hand.  Complete strangers stepped forward, but they’re not strangers anymore!  They went from strangers to girlfriends.  This is an amazing story of people coming together and lending a helping hand. Click…Read more »

Soul Kitchen

Jon Bon Jovi is best known for performing on stage; however, he and his wife, Dorothea, do some incredible charity work offstage.  Their latest endeavor is Soul Kitchen on the campus of Rutgers University.  The project helps address food insecurity faced by many, many college students.  The restaurant operates with a motto they call Hope…Read more »

Little Legends

February is Black History Month, and a special book is available in bookstores.  Little Legends by Vashti Harrison is a children’s book and tells the stories of some exceptional men in Black history.  In today’s Story of Joy, the author shares why she chose to work on this book and something she noticed about many…Read more »