A Veteran’s Dream

Today is Veteran’s Day, and we want to remember the story of one our county’s vets.  Prior to serving in World War II, Howard Weistling dreamed of being an artist.  While being held prisoner in a German POW camp, he brought joy to others through his art.  That art continues to bring joy today. Click…Read more »

Army Men . . . and Women

We’re about to head into the Christmas shopping season.  Maybe some toys will be in your shopping cart.  One six-year-old girl noticed something that made her write a letter to a toy company, not asking for toys but asking for change.  That change is coming, and it’s inspiring little girls across America. Army Men .…Read more »

One Sack Lunch at a Time

Kids across America will be knocking on doors tonight for Halloween.  Kids knock on one Missouri woman’s door for a sack lunch.  Champale Anderson makes packing lunches her mission.  She feeds any hungry kid who knocks on her door.  What an amazing treat! Sack Lunch  

Joy Bus Diner

The Joy Bus Diner is so much more than a restaurant!  It’s a non-profit organization that is used to fund the Joy Bus, an Arizona charity that delivers chef-inspired meals to home-bound cancer patients. Click the link to hear the inspirational story for how this organization was started and how it continues to grow and…Read more »

Invitation to Homecoming

These last weeks have been filled with Homecoming Football Games and Homecoming Dances around the country.  David wanted to ask Saris to the big dance, and he went all out with his invitation.  Of course, she said yes!  Today’s Story of Joy shows two high school students enjoying all that school can offer them. Click…Read more »