First Salute

Do you love fireworks on the Fourth of July? We bet the Clark family loves them too, but one thing we do know is that their family loves serving their country. They’ve been doing that for generations. Today’s Story of Joy originally ran on Memorial Day Weekend, but we think it’s a good July 4th…Read more »

Achieving Her Dream

Sarah Merrill always had a dream. She graduated from college twenty years ago and graduated from the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine last month. Oh, and in between, she had nine kids! Dr. Sarah Merrill and her family are now settling into their new home in Indiana for her residency. As she puts it,…Read more »

Caring through Singing

There is a circle of life quality to this Story of Joy. Cue music from The Lion King! Manny Remilus spent time in and out of the hospital as a child.  Looking back, he remembered how the nurses made his difficult trips to the hospital a bit more manageable.  In fact, his experience with nurses made him…Read more »

Lucky Lives On!

Today we’re sharing a follow-up to a story we shared with you a couple of months ago. Click the link below to watch an update on Lucky the Florida Snowman who brought joy to Robin Hughes’ classroom this past winter. Lucky continues to bring joy and love to the hearts of students as he’s transformed…Read more »

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming? What in the world is vertical farming?! Vertical farming may be one of the answers to a slew of issues. How can we farm during a drought? How can we adjust to environmental changes as a result of climate change? How can we get more fresh produce in “food deserts” in our cities?…Read more »

A Twin Thing

Jill Justiniani and Erin Cheplak are identical twin sisters. They’ve been together their entire lives. They grew up doing everything together. Everything. They even went through their pregnancies together. They both knew they were having boys. They both chose the same hospital. Now it gets crazy . . . last month they delivered their babies…Read more »

Congratulations, Lester!

What did you do today? We’re betting that Lester Wright went for a run. You might be thinking . . . so what? Lester Wright is 100 years old! He set a record at the Penn Relay last month, and he’s still running strong! When he’s not running, he enjoys spending time with his wife,…Read more »

Good Samaritans

Do you know the Parable of the Good Samaritan? A man needs help along the side of the road. People pass by without helping. Eventually, someone stops to help, the Good Samaritan. A group of Good Samaritans came to the rescue in Florida recently. The person in need was in the middle of an intersection,…Read more »

Roam Free!

Msituni, a baby giraffe born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park earlier this year, was struggling to walk, and it was painful to witness. The caretakers wondered how to help. They turned to of all things . . . a clinic that makes orthotics for humans! Today’s Story of Joy will have you smiling…Read more »