Best Wishes

Sometimes joy blooms in unexpected places. A Ukrainian couple on the frontlines of the war in Ukraine decided to tie the knot on the field mixing guns, helmets, and body armor with champagne, flowers, and music. Even in the midst of the darkness of war, light can still shine when people come together to celebrate…Read more »

Baseball . . . Finally!

For those wondering if it would ever happen, we just completed the Opening Weekend of the long-awaited baseball season. No one could be happier than Rachel Balkovec. She’s the new manager of the Tampa Tarpons, the minor league team of the New York Yankees. Stories of Joy heard this story months ago, and we’ve been…Read more »

Joy of Living

Today we’re offering a “crossover event” with the Desert Cross Faith Formation website. Jon Batiste won five Grammy Awards Sunday night, including Album of the Year. He’s had much to celebrate these last months; yet, there’s been struggle in his life too. In today’s Story of Joy, Jon Batiste talks about how “the joy of…Read more »

Teaching is Beautiful

The Grammy Awards were handed out last night. Each year they honor a teacher with the Educator of the Year Award. This year the winner is Stephen Cox of Eastland High School in Eastland, Texas. Mr. Cox says, “Teaching is Beautiful.” When you watch today’s Story of Joy, you’ll see that he’s doing beautiful work…Read more »

Not Alone

Vladyslav Buialskyi is far, far from home. His hometown in Ukraine is occupied by Russian forces. Vladyslav is currently in the United States and part of the Young Artists Program with the New York Metropolitan Opera. He may be far from home, but as he says, “We are not alone.” The New York Metropolitan Opera…Read more »

Coincidence at the Lemonade Stand

This week we’re bringing you stories related to Ukraine. Even with war going on there, beautiful Stories of Joy shine through the darkness. Axel and Oliver Langenkamp were in Ukraine when the war broke out. Their parents serve as American diplomats and evacuated the boys to California to be with their grandparents. From there the…Read more »

See Something, Say Something

See something, say something. That’s the sage advice from Jessica Higgs. Jessica is an Instacart shopper who thankfully acted on her own advice. While making a recent delivery to an elderly man, she sensed something was wrong, and she took the time to act on her instincts. Click the link below to read Jessica’s story…Read more »

Monday Morning Blues

Good Monday morning from Stories of Joy! Can you relate to this 4 year old on a Monday morning? He definitely has the Monday Morning Blues. Sometimes you just need a pick me up! Landry‚Äôs mom posted this video to give a public thank you to his kind and patient bus attendant who helped him…Read more »

Bubbling Joy

Spring is coming around the country, and the snow will be melting . . . but before it goes, we have a Story of Joy for you. Click the link below to watch as the “mini-miracle” Lucky the Snowman brings joy to the hearts of snow-deprived children in Florida! Your heart will melt with joy…Read more »

Helping Ukraine

Odessa, Ukraine is a long way from San Antonio, Texas. Anna Afanasieva grew up in Ukraine. Now she’s co-owner of a coffee shop in San Antonio. She wanted to help the people of Ukraine, and she figured out how through cheesecake and espresso. She also quickly learned that others wanted to help too. Click the…Read more »