She Lives

Nusayba lives because of a liver donor.  She’s the three-year-old daughter of Wajahat Ali, a political pundit.  He’s better known for voicing his opinion on television rather than promoting organ donation and blood donation.  Through the pain and joy of this experience, he saw the “capacity of goodness” in people. Click the link below to…Read more »

Man in the Camo Jacket

Mike Peters, from the alternative rock band The Alarm, wore a camo jacket as his signature look while battling cancer.  Now he gives back by making it easy for fans to sign up as bone marrow donors with the Love Hope Strength Foundation.  It’s an inspiring story of helping others fight an insidious disease. Click…Read more »

Thanks, Bruce!

If you’re not a Bruce fan, you should be!  The story of Bruce Springsteen walking into an Arizona bar thirty years ago is legendary among Bruce fans.  They know about the impromptu concert he put on and how the bar swelled with fans.  But for one woman, that encounter changed her life.  If you’re not…Read more »

Inspiring Others

Two years ago Sarah Thomas was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This year she made history for being the first woman to swim the English Channel four times without stopping.  Amazing.  Why’d she do it?  To inspire other cancer patients.  If you’re struggling with cancer, our hope is you find some hope in today’s story. Click…Read more »

First Birthday Party

Most of us probably don’t remember the first birthday party given in our honor.  Chris Barrington remembers his first birthday party . . . because he remembered someone special.  It is amazing to think of the impact we can have on one person, even when we may not realize how significant our role in their…Read more »

Go Team!

We all like cheering for our team.  When one boy did not have a shirt that represented his favorite team for college day, he created his own.  Although a classmate teased him about his homemade shirt, it ended up bringing joy to many others.  In fact, his T-shirt design is now an official shirt at…Read more »