New Old Friends

You never know where a bus ride will take you. Ruby Wierzbicki and Ally Cole were on a campus bus recently. Ally likes small talk, so she struck up a conversation. That conversation led to an amazing discovery. The two college students knew each other from another time and another place. Today’s Story of Joy…Read more »

Cheesesteaks for Mom

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Dustin Vitale loves his mom . . . so much so that he doesn’t mind being called a mama’s boy. His mom is struggling with cancer, and Dustin wants to take her on a special trip. Special trips are expensive, so Dustin had to figure out a way to finance it.…Read more »

Accepting the Challenge

We’ve all been inspired by the dedication of doctors and nurses during the pandemic. They have done incredible work under difficult circumstances. Tom Pisano is a medical student, and his story inspires in a different way. As the result of a ski accident, Tom is in a wheelchair. He sees his wheelchair as a challenge,…Read more »

Class of Joy

Middle school kids are often portrayed as awkward and unkind. Kale Hannahs and his classmates couldn’t be more different than that. Kale has cerebral palsy. If you believe in the stereotype of middle schoolers, you might expect Kale’s classmates to be cruel to him because of his condition. The truth is far from that! Kale,…Read more »

Happy Dance!

Gurdeep Pandher has been dancing his way through the pandemic. He dances Bhangra, the traditional dance of Punjab. Gurdeep posts videos of himself dancing from his home in Canada, and people all around the world have tuned in to smile, to laugh, and to dance with him! Click the link below to hear his story…Read more »

Feeding Our Military Heroes

CBS Evening News did a story several weeks ago about military families turning to food banks for help. People were watching and stepped up to help our military heroes. Viewers donated more than $600,000. One viewer even reached out with a job! A job that’s life-changing for one family. Click the link below to watch…Read more »

Linked By Service

Michael Fisher, the father, and Michael Fisher, the son, are linked by more than a name. They’re linked by service. Today’s Story of Joy shows us how a son learned to serve by watching his father. That son is now Second Lt. Michael Fisher, and he received his first salute from his father, Master Sgt.…Read more »

To Infinity . . .

To infinity and beyond! You know the rallying cry of Buzz Lightyear. Today’s Story of Joy is a heartwarming story about a Southwest Airlines ramp agent who goes “to infinity and beyond” to reunite a little boy with Buzz Lightyear. When they left the toy behind on a plane, Hagen’s parents thought it was gone for…Read more »

Happy Ending!

How’s this for a math equation? Acceptance¬†+ Unconditional Love = Happy Ending! A young man in need meets a math teacher with a big heart, and the sum is a true fairytale ending. Learning to trust brings true joy to many hearts! Click the link below to watch today’s Story of Joy.


We saved the best for last! All week we’ve been sharing Good News stories related to the COVID vaccines. The time apart for grandparents and grandchildren has been especially difficult. Study after study shows that the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is very special. Many studies show that there are health and psychological benefits for…Read more »