A group of fathers in Indiana meet to support each other as fathers of children with Down syndrome.  They call themselves D.A.D.S. (Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome).  For new parents, the initial diagnosis can be overwhelming, but this group helps new and veteran fathers by offering critical support, shared stories, and a common bond.  It’s a great story…Read more »

Go, Gabby, Go!

Next month marks nine years since Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords suffered life-changing injuries after a shooting in Tucson.  Last month she triumphantly rode in the Tour de Tucson bike ride.  Her efforts raised funds for Friends of Aphasia.  Her recovery has been long and hard; yet, she continues to find ways to reach out and help…Read more »

Second Spoon

Today is Thanksgiving.  Many of us will sit down at a dinner table overflowing with food.  Many of us will have leftovers, and in a few days, many of us will throw those leftovers away.  One college student, Mo Hasan, noticed how much food was thrown away at the dining hall at his school.  He…Read more »

Making a Difference

November is National Adoption Month.  Lamont Thomas knows that very well.  He has fostered more than thirty kids in his life, and his family just grew again and again and again and again and again.  You’ll want to watch today’s Story of Joy to get the full story.  It’s the story of an incredible man…Read more »

Caleb’s Message

Joy can arise in unexpected ways with the support and love of family and friends. Watch young Caleb Freeman give people hope with his message:  “Keep pushing forward!” Click the link below to watch Caleb’s story. Caleb’s Message                      

Get Lost!

Find the joy in getting lost!  This time of year corn mazes are popular attractions around the country.  Richardson Adventure Farm creates the wonder of the world’s largest corn maze bringing fun in unexpected ways. Click the link below to watch the story. Get Lost!