A Father’s Legacy

Yesterday our country remembered those lost on 9/11 eighteen years ago.  It’s difficult to find anything good in such tragedy.  Yet, there can be some goodness.  Carl Asaro was a New York City Firefighter.  He died that day.  His legacy lives on in his children.  That legacy shows us how light shines through. Click the…Read more »

A Special Brotherhood

Joy is an antidote to despair.  Joy can shine through the darkness of deep suffering.  Marine veterans John Nelson and Jonathon Blank show us the joy of faithful friendship in a mountain hike that defies all odds.  It’s more than a friendship.  It’s a special brotherhood. Click the link below for today’s Story of Joy.…Read more »

True Sportsmanship

The US Open Tennis Tournament wraps up this weekend.  Naomi Osaka won’t be playing in the Women’s Final on Saturday.  She was eliminated earlier this week; however, she’ll be remembered for the true sportsmanship she showed towards her opponent in a match last weekend.  It was an act of grace and kindness.  Being a good…Read more »

Best Birthday Ever!

High school football teams around the country are hard at work.  One team, the Nampa Valley High School Bulldogs, is making the news for more than just their game stats.  They made the news because they made Christian Larsen’s birthday extra special.  In fact, they made it the Best Birthday Ever! Click the link below…Read more »

Grandma Joy’s Joyride!

We’re headed into Labor Day Weekend.  This weekend is traditionally viewed as the end of summer and the end of summer vacations.  Not for Grandma Joy!  Her road trip continues.  She and her grandson, Brad Ryan, are on a quest to visit all of the national parks.  They’re about halfway through . . . and…Read more »

Happiness is Free

Have you heard that phrase?  Happiness is free.  Well, Yale is offering a FREE class on happiness.  And it’s the MOST popular class in the university’s history!  Yale students head back to class on Wednesday, and you can join them online.  The course talks about what makes us happy, but also “how to put those…Read more »