Second Chances

Second Chances. Hope. Support. Work. Joy! Reginald Dwayne Betts went from prison to poet to playwright to performer to attorney. Click the link below to watch Betts share his story of falling and failing, his story of forgiveness and freedom. All of this resulted in a new life mission, starting a nonprofit called Freedom Reads.…Read more »

Answering the Call

Earlier this year Stories of Joy shared a story with you about teens who are making a difference in their community serving as volunteer EMT’s. Today’s story is similar . . . teens who left their own graduation ceremony to help their community put out a fire.  Like superheroes changing from their graduation gowns to firefighter gear! We think this town…Read more »

World of Kindness

Small acts of kindness like the one in today’s Story of Joy occur everyday without many people knowing about them.  But what if every person did one kind act each day?  That would add up to a whole world of kindness, and the ripple would extend even further.  Click the link below to read how…Read more »

Shared Dream Dresses

It’s all about the dress! Gwendolyn Stulgis searched for the perfect wedding dress for the big day when she and her husband married in May. She found it, wore it, and then . . . she gave it away! That’s right. She gave it away. Shared Dream Dresses is a group Gwendolyn set up so…Read more »


ESPN handed out their annual ESPY Awards last week. One of them went to Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans. She’s retired from the Army, but she continues to serve in profound, important ways. That service earned her the Pat Tillman Award for Service. Click the link below to watch her story of how receiving help gave…Read more »

Kindness Returned

We often share stories about kindness being repaid, but this week we found a story where we get to witness it in the moment.  At a recent Angels – Royals baseball game a young man caught a ball and generously gave that ball to a kid who was sitting near him.  When that same kid’s dad…Read more »

On Fire!

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is tomorrow night in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium, so it seems like a good week to share a couple of baseball stories. Today’s Story of Joy is about a very special meeting. Meeting your hero sparks joy. Meeting a supporter fuels hope. Click the link below to watch…Read more »

Two Moms

We brought you a story earlier this week about an adopted boy celebrating his birthday. We have another story of adoption and a birthday today. Wesley has two moms. Both of them are named Trisha, and both of them love him very, very much. Today’s Story of Joy is a follow-up story the broadcast shared…Read more »

A Blessing Cake

What’s a blessing cake? You don’t know? We at Stories of Joy didn’t know what one was either . . . until we saw Abraham’s story. Abraham and his brother James are from Sierra Leone. Until last year, they lived in an orphanage. Now they live with their adopted family in Charlotte, North Carolina, and…Read more »

A Bright Star

Hershel “Woody” Williams lived a life of service. He died last week at the age of 98 years old, but his Bright Star shines on. He was the last living Medal of Honor recipient from World War II. Because of his brave service, others lived. Woody didn’t stop serving there. He went on to serve…Read more »