Impossible is Possible

What do you get when you mix classical with hip hop with rock with indie?  What do you get?  You get Black Violin!  Kev Marcus and Wil B are Black Violin, and they’re nominated for a Grammy Award which airs March 14.  The pair is happy with their success, but they’re also working to “give…Read more »

I Love You

April DiDonna, a Wendy’s restaurant manager in Oak Harbor, Washington decided the world needs a little more love.  So a few months ago she started saying “I love you” to customers.  The result of her kind offering is heartwarming.  April has taken three simple words and made them shine in a world that needs to…Read more »

Little Art, Big Impact

Stacy Milrany came up with a creative way to spark joy by loving her Seattle neighbors through art.  She shares her gift of art with FLAG, the free little art gallery.  Her “little” art projects started with an effort to help her mother, but it’s grown way beyond that now.  Click the link below to watch…Read more »

Swimming Joy

One of the Super Bowl ads during last week’s game may have caught your eye.  It showed Jessica Long “swimming” through her life.  From orphanage to adoption to pool.  Jessica is a paralympic swimmer who loves competing in the pool.  In today’s Story of Joy, she talks about watching the ad and why she loves…Read more »

Determined to Discover

Thanks to the determination of Katalin Kariko, many will receive a vaccine for COVID-19.  Many of these vaccines use Messenger RNA.  Ms. Kariko always believed in the potential of mRNA, but she hit many roadblocks along the way as she studied and experimented and studied and experimented some more.  It’s a scientific breakthrough, and it’ll save millions…Read more »

Music as Medicine

Finding energy, engagement, and a sense of calm can be difficult for people undergoing treatment in a hospital.  Boston Hope Music has developed a platform that consists of 30-minute “musical dosages” for patients to use while they’re undergoing treatment.  Local musicians put the pieces together as a gift during the pandemic.  Then the project moved to…Read more »