Only the Beginning

Rob Mendez is the Junior Varsity Football Coach at Prospect High School in Saratoga, CA.  At last week’s ESPY Awards he received the Jimmy V Perseverance Award.  That award is given in memory of Jim Valvano, the college basketball coach and broadcaster.  Perseverance.  That’s something Coach Mendez certainly possesses.  He’s teaching his players far more…Read more »

Climbing for a Cause

ESPN gave out their ESPY Awards last week.  It’s an annual ceremony celebrating significant events and people in sports.  This week we’re sharing a couple of the stories from that program.  Kirstie Ennis received the Pat Tillman Award for Service.  We all remember Pat Tillman’s decision to give up his NFL career to enlist in…Read more »

Joy x 2 = New Life

We brought you a story about organ donation last week, and we have another one for you this week. James Neal is rare as a living organ donor. But he’s doubly rare, one of a kind, since he not only donated a kidney in 2016 but also part of his liver in 2019. James says,…Read more »

From Heartbreak to Joy

Nate Lashley earned his first PGA Tour win last weekend, but it hasn’t been an easy road to victory.  No, far from it.  Nate celebrated the win with family and friends, but he also felt the absence of others.  His losses in golf, and in life, have been wide, but he came back to the…Read more »

A Salute to Military Recruits

Many communities and highs schools hold special ceremonies acknowledging high school graduates headed to college with a celebration of their scholarships.  More and more communities are holding similar ceremonies for high school graduates choosing military service.  Our Community Salutes has been holding these ceremonies around the country for nearly a decade.  On this July 4th,…Read more »

You Help to Help

Catherine walked into a Starbucks and changed Eli’s life forever.  Jeff Pearlman shares the story of how his wife saved Eli’s life.  A complete stranger helping a complete stranger because . . . You Help to Help.  It’s what we’re called to do.  It’s a story of generosity, of sacrifice, of hope.  It’s amazing. Click…Read more »

Brotherhood of Football

When Alex Ruiz suffered a devastating injury playing high school football, his life changed forever.  During his recovery, he found comfort and encouragement from two NFL players.  Zach Miller and Drew Brees reached out to Alex.  It’s the Brotherhood of Football at work.  Zach sees life through new eyes, and he has new brothers walking…Read more »