Right Place, Right Time

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  A police lieutenant from Chandler, Arizona and a university football team from St. George, Utah came together in a moment of serendipity. Lt. Veach’s training teamed with the muscles of his son’s 100-man-strong football team to make a daring rescue of a hiker dangling from…Read more »

Chase Your Dreams

Clayton Ward, a school bus driver, found inspiration in being around students.  So much so that he decided to leave the family business of driving buses to become a high school history teacher.  It’s his dream to teach, and he’s enrolled in college to reach that dream.  Congratulations, Clayton!  Click the link below to watch…Read more »


To most of us, a driveway is just a driveway, but to a little boy on a bike . . . a driveway is a joyride! Today’s Story of Joy shows us how something that started as an annoyance turned into a fun project and a new friendship for neighbors during the pandemic. Click the…Read more »

I Do!

Weddings are one of the numerous things changed by the coronavirus.  Many couples have been forced to delay, cancel or reschedule their important day.  This couple had to downsize, but instead of getting a full refund, they decided to donate their wedding food for 150 guests to a local shelter that helps women and children.  They even…Read more »

Nurses to the Rescue AGAIN!

2020 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.  In celebration, the World Health Organization declared this year the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.  Who knew we’d need nurses so much this year as we battle the pandemic?  Nurses and doctors have helped folks battle the virus.  It was nurses to…Read more »

Welcome to Sesame Street

Sesame Street and the IRC, International Rescue Committee, are partnering to bring comfort, education, and joy to Syrian refugee children living in dire circumstances.  This is just the beginning of the joy as there are plans to expand the program globally.  Click the first link below for an introduction to the program.  Click the second link to…Read more »

An Important Message with a Smile

Is COVID-19 stressing you out?  One Alabama principal recognized that students, teachers, and parents are all stressed out by the reopening of schools during the pandemic.  Dr. Quentin Lee, principal at Childersburg High School, decided to bring some levity to these heavy times.  The school’s website states, “We take COVID-19 very seriously, but wanted to…Read more »

Sidewalk Chalk Masterpieces

Many families have been home all summer.  Staying safe by staying close to home.  So, how do you pass the time?  The mom in today’s Story of Joy took her kids on adventures via sidewalk chalk.  Sidewalk chalk?  Yes!  It’s a great story with beautiful artwork and a beautiful message of paying it forward.  Click…Read more »