Forever Home

Michael Clark Jr. is starting the new year with his new family.  He was adopted a few weeks ago, and now he has his forever home.  Michael was so excited about the event that he invited his entire kindergarten class to join him in court.  What a special day! Click the link below to read…Read more »

New Year=New Glasses

One Minnesota seventh grader is starting the new year with new glasses.  Thanks to the generosity of others Jonathan Jones is seeing color for the first time with his special glasses.  In fact, the generosity of the donors will bring joy to countless others!  Today’s Story of Joy will make you see color a littler…Read more »

A Business Like No Other

Thistle Farms in Nashville, Tennessee is a business like no other.  It helps women heal from addiction, sexual abuse, and trafficking by providing housing, counseling, and job training.  It’s a program of people giving back after receiving life-saving, life-changing help.  It’s more than a business.  It’s a community like no other. Click the link below…Read more »

All Aboard!

Many households around the country will be reading or watching The Polar Express this Christmas season.  An Arizona teenager with autism was scheduled to ride the Polar Express train a few weeks ago.  His excitement got the best of him, and things didn’t go as planned.  Today’s Story of Joy reminds us how understanding and…Read more »

Virtual Reality Miracle

Ari Ellman’s nickname is “Lion” because of his incredible energy.  So, when his demeanor started to change, his parents knew something was wrong.  Terribly wrong.  Today’s Story of Joy shows us how the amazing science of virtual reality saved a little boy and brought joy back to his family. Click the link below to watch…Read more »


Bal-A-What???  Bal-A-Vis-X is a new learning strategy that teachers are using to help kids succeed.  At first glance, the teaching tool may seem like a simple game, but the skills involved require high levels of thinking and concentration.  It encourages cooperation and memorization and helps improve test scores. Click the link below to learn more about the…Read more »