A Perfect Match!

Roy McIntosh is starting out the new year feeling blessed. Heather Schaefer feels blessed to give him that chance. Maybe you received a sweater or a tie for Christmas. Heather gave Roy something much bigger than any of those gifts. Click the link below to watch today’s Story of Joy and see how a generous…Read more »

Happy Tamales

Food is an important part of life, and so is loving and caring for others. One Arizona woman has found a way to share love through her love of tamales. Imelda Hartley started making tamales when she was six years old with her grandmother. Then she made it into her own business called Happy Tamales.…Read more »

Road Trip!

Today’s Story of Joy is a story of friendships formed on the freeway!  We’ve all been there. We’ve all had travel arrangements fall through, but would you join in on a road trip with strangers? After a flight was cancelled, thirteen strangers decided to rent a van and travel together to get to their destination. …Read more »

New Year=New Do

Melanie Shahay is starting the new year with a new hairdo. Thanks to her son . . . and he’s not a hairstylist! Matt saw his mom struggling after she lost her hair because of radiation treatments. He wanted to help, and he did it by growing his hair. And growing it. And growing it.…Read more »

Happy Birthday!

Stories of Joy is five years old! Can you believe it? Since we started our joy-filled blog, we’ve published 578 stories. That’s a lot of JOY! When we started this project, the idea was to share joy by Spreading Hope in the World. In fact, that’s our tagline. We see good news stories in the…Read more »

Happy New Year

Before we say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023, let’s take some time for Joy! Let’s take some time to look back on all of the Stories of Joy we shared in 2022. You’ll find a link to the Stories of Joy blog below. Scroll through our stories and look for your favorites. Was…Read more »

Joy to the World

Merry Christmas! We hope you’re not tired of Christmas music yet because Stories of Joy is bringing you a special version of “Joy to the World” today. Have you heard the song with a banjo and a fiddle? You haven’t? Well, today is the day! Click the link below to watch The Petersens perform the…Read more »

Art by Arsh

Arsh Pal had a big goal. He wanted to raise $1000 for charity when he was eight years old. At the same time he received a watercolor set of paint, so he decided he would sell his artwork to reach his goal. Four years later, he has far exceeded his original goal and now sells his paintings…Read more »

Giving Back

Giving back. The kids at Kipp Star Harlem Elementary School are focused on giving back.  It started with a sock drive, but it didn’t stop there. It has grown and grown and grown. Their thoughts on giving will warm your heart this holiday season.  Click the link below to watch this story. You’re going to love…Read more »

Strike Up the Band!

The college football bowl season kicks off tomorrow, and football fans around the country will be watching. Henry Boyer will be watching too, but his passion is the marching bands. Specifically the University of Michigan Marching Band. Henry loves the band, and they love him back! Today’s Story of Joy shows how early in life…Read more »