A Tree Blooms in Japan

It seems like Mother Nature is out of control.  The novel coronavirus is able to travel around the world.  It’s able to pass from person to person without any symptoms.  The quick progression of the illness is frightening.  Yet, other parts of Mother Nature are equally breathtaking because of their beauty.  Today’s Story of Joy…Read more »

Five Precious Gifts

Dr. Sarosh Janjua was speeding.  Minnesota State Trooper Brian Schwartz pulled her over.  The doctor deserved a ticket.  She expected a ticket.  Instead, Trooper Schwartz gave her five precious gifts.  Five very valuable gifts.  Today’s story shows us how people on the front lines of this pandemic take care of each other. Click the link…Read more »

Coming Together by Staying Home

Stories of Joy decided to bring you a Week of Joy this week.  We’ve been bringing you stories about heroes.  Chefs.  AA members.  Landlords.  RV owners.  Today’s hero is you.  Today’s hero is all of us.  We’re staying home, and that makes us heroes of this pandemic.  We’re protecting each other by staying home.  We’re…Read more »

RVs for MDs

Our health care workers are some of the heroes of this pandemic.  They’re working long hours under stressful conditions.  They’re putting their own health at risk by tending to COVID-19 patients . . . and they’re worried.  They’re worried about the health of their own families.  So, here comes another group of heroes.  They’re RV…Read more »

AA via Zoom

There’s so much kindness and so much giving in these difficult days of the pandemic that Stories of Joy decided to bring you some “extra joy” this week.  We normally publish a couple of stories each week, but this week we’re going to publish some bonus stories.  Today’s story is about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings taking…Read more »

Be Fearless & Feed People

Jose Andres is one of the heroes in the struggle against COVID-19.  His World Central Kitchen started operating out of his restaurants weeks ago.  They closed the restaurants and transformed them into Community Kitchens and started doing what they do best . . . serving meals to hungry people.  He’s done this work after hurricanes,…Read more »

Rise Up!

These are uncertain times, but one thing that remains constant is the beauty of the human spirit.  The beauty of people staying home to protect each other.  The beauty of people caring for one another.  The beauty of gratitude for the essential workers. Click the link below to watch a video showing some of the…Read more »

COVID-19 Dating

We’ve all heard of online dating.  Many, many couples meet that way, but have you heard of COVID-19 dating?  COVID-19 dating . . . you read that right.  Today’s Story of Joy is sure to make you smile.  This couple gives you hope as they look forward to the possibility of a relationship after these…Read more »


You’re at home practicing social distancing and possibly binge watching a lot of TV.  Maybe you’re a fan of “The Office” starring John Krasinski.  Today’s Story of Joy features his new project, Some Good News.  It’s a fun look at good news from around the world.  It’s a great break from the dark news of…Read more »