You’re at home practicing social distancing and possibly binge watching a lot of TV.  Maybe you’re a fan of “The Office” starring John Krasinski.  Today’s Story of Joy features his new project, Some Good News.  It’s a fun look at good news from around the world.  It’s a great break from the dark news of…Read more »

Update on Kindness 101

Last week Stories of Joy brought you a story called Kindness 101.  Steve Hartman from CBS News held an online class for kids about kindness.  Kindness 101 officially ended Friday, but kindness doesn’t end just because the class ended.  Kindness should continue today, tomorrow, and everyday after that.  Find a way to be kind in these difficult…Read more »

Sounds of Kindness

Many folks are checking in on neighbors.  Making sure neighbors are healthy.  Making sure neighbors have groceries.  Making sure neighbors have medicine.  One neighbor in Ohio simply needed some company.  So, two kids in the neighborhood brought their cellos for a private concert.  At a safe distance of course.  Sounds of Kindness.  All of us…Read more »

Kindness 101

You may know Steve Hartman for his “On the Road” reports on CBS News.  He travels the country and shares stories about everyday people and their lives.  Stories of Joy has shared several of his beautiful stories.  Like many in America, Steve Hartman is working from home–along with his family.  Today’s Story of Joy is…Read more »

Isolated . . . But NOT Alone

Folks around the country are staying home to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.  Many are finding ways to help their neighbors.  Many times it’s strangers helping strangers.  Delivering care packages to seniors.  Making sure hungry kids get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Even reading online stories to children!  What a beautiful thing. Stories of Joy will…Read more »


People in Italy have been quarantined in their homes because of COVID-19.  How did they respond?  With frustration?  With impatience?  With anger?  No. With applause!  With appreciation!  With thanks!  Folks gathered on balconies to applaud health care workers and to encourage each other.  What a beautiful scene.  What a beautiful response. Click the link below to watch today’s…Read more »

Team Assist

Josh Speidel dreamed of playing college basketball.  He earned an athletic scholarship at the University of Vermont, but a devastating car accident derailed his plans.  Last week he fulfilled a dream with an assist from his team.  Today’s Story of Joy reminds us of how others can help us through the hardest times. Click the…Read more »