Waves of Hope

Alabama and Georgia face off tonight in the National Championship Game.  The Iowa Hawkeyes aren’t in tonight’s game, but they should be recognized for what they did this season.  What they did for others.  Watch this story from ESPN and see how their waves of hope helped children in need.

Good luck to Alabama and Georgia!  And many thanks to the Hawkeyes for this Story of Joy!

Waves of Hope

10 thoughts on “Waves of Hope

  1. Great inaugural story showing 70,000 people displaying compassion and best wishes to sick kids. Proud to be a Hawkeye!


  2. I am a very proud University of Iowa alum and the company I work for (Gilbane) managed the construction of the new UI Children’s Hospital. I was able to tour the hospital a few months before it opened and got to see the view from the top that overlooks the football stadium. Although I realize I may be a bit biased, I LOVE this Story of Joy and I am so glad you chose to start this series highlighting it. Can’t wait for the next one.


  3. Great inaugural post. I think it really captures the spirt of Stories of Joy. I am looking forward to many more!
    Nice work.


  4. What better way to kick off 2018 than sharing stories that present joy, hope, and love to a hurting world?! Looking forward to receiving and sharing Stories of Joy!


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