Hold the Door

I was meeting a colleague at a coffee shop to discuss an upcoming project. We were sitting at a table close to the door, and I was facing the door. At the table immediately behind us was a young man who appeared to be a busy college student studying and listening to music on his laptop. There was a couple at the table to our right and one of them occupied a wheelchair. As the couple prepared to exit the coffee shop, I looked over and had a fleeting thought that it might be hard to push the wheelchair out the door alone. Before I had a chance to take action, I was delighted and surprised when the young man behind us, seemingly immersed in his music and homework, immediately pulled out his earphones and jumped up to hold the door open with a warm smile for this couple. It was an unexpected and welcome flash of hope for this world!

4 thoughts on “Hold the Door

  1. This is something many of us “old folks” were taught in our youth. It is very refreshing when see the youth today show that same respect.


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