I’ll Stand by You

On the way to work one day last week, I heard a news report that disturbed me.  When I arrived at the office, I looked up the text of the report to confirm that what I thought I heard was accurate.  The reporter said that “higher percentages of voters say they’d be disappointed if a child of theirs married someone of the opposite political party.”  To think that we’ve come to this bothers me very much.  Later that morning, I saw the following commercial.  We presented an ad to you last week, and once again, we’re not endorsing a product here.  We just think the message is important.

Click the link to remember the good we can do for one another.

I’ll Stand by You


One thought on “I’ll Stand by You

  1. II am sitting here with emotions overwhelming me. Every day at work (I’m a flight attendant) I believe I see others helping others. Often passengers share the reasons they are traveling and a lot, I’m happy to say, are helping others. I signed up to work a charter, for free, to bring relatives of the perished military to Orlando and there was such a response, I did not get it. Yes, 34 yrs seniority!
    Thanks for the reminder of what we can do together.


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