Signs of Joy

Sometimes we get so busy that we don’t notice the JOY that is all around us!  But the truth is, you don’t have to look that far.  Little reminders can be found in everyday things if we just take the time to notice.  One day I was brushing my teeth, and I looked down at the sink and had to smile…because there in middle of the sink was a face smiling back at me.  Yep, I actually took the time to get my phone and take a picture of it so I could be reminded that JOY can be found in very simple things.  It just takes a smile to make another person smile!  Then about a week later a friend of mine sent a photo of a watermelon she had just cut open.  It had a heart in it and her words were “Beauty is all around us.”  Since then I seem to find these reminders of Joy and Love everywhere…a smiley face on a rock when I was hiking, a heart-shaped cloud in the sky.  Where have you seen signs of JOY lately?  And if you haven’t, I challenge you today to find one!  May you see the JOY that surrounds you and share it with others!


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