Your Three Feet of Influence

At the worship service I attended yesterday, our pastor referenced an article by Sharon Salzberg she read on the On Being website.  The article talks about Your Three Feet of Influence.  To put it briefly, that’s the influence we have on the people in our immediate surroundings.  How we respond on the road during rush hour.  How we behave in the busy coffee shop.  Or, in the case of the website article, how we behave on a congested subway train.  We can respond in the same way . . . with rudeness or disinterest, or we can pause and respond with kindness.  It’s an inspiring idea.

Click the link below to read the article from On Being.

Your Three Feet of Influence

One thought on “Your Three Feet of Influence

  1. This was excellent. I, too, was intrigued by Pastor Andrea’s sermon and how this was brought into it.


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