Story of Honor

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  My husband and I were in Hawaii earlier this year and visited Pearl Harbor.  Our tour guide was a survivor from that day.  He was a little boy then and told us about the noise of the planes, the power of the bombs, and the stench of the smoke.  He comes to the memorial almost every day and volunteers to ride along with tourists and share his story.  He doesn’t want us to forget.  We watched one veteran of those days say goodbye to another veteran this week.  Senator Bob Dole stood to salute President George Bush.  Today’s Story of Joy is a Story of Honor.  Peace to you, Mr. President.

Click the link below to see Senator Dole pay his respects.

Story of Honor

One thought on “Story of Honor

  1. This was the most honor I have ever seen given to any political figure at his/her funeral. Certainly something for his peers to aspire to.


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