A Year of Joy

It’s New Year’s Eve, and many of us will spend some time today looking back on the year.  Stories of Joy started in January in hopes of spreading “good news” stories to our followers and their friends.  We’ve had fun finding stories of hope, encouragement, and JOY!  Some stories make us smile and laugh.  Others make us cry tears of joy.  Looking back, we shared stories about singing firefighters, a football-playing homecoming queen, a laundromat in a school, even a weather report.

We encourage you to share Stories of Joy with your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.  Everyone needs some good news!  You can sign up to follow the blog, and new stories come directly to your inbox.  You can forward those stories to people you know who might find them interesting.  Better yet, you can visit the website and share stories using the social media buttons available below each story.  That way you’ll reach more of your family and friends!

Take some time today to visit the website at storiesofjoy.org and share some of your favorites.

Happy New Year from Stories of Joy!


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