Tears of Joy

Before we finish the first month of 2019, we want to look back on last month.  Stories of Joy received this story from a friend, and we want to share it with you.  It shows us the good all around us!

The story shared with Stories of Joy:

I cried when I read the note!

Our family tradition is spending Christmas Eve together, eating and exchanging gifts.  We, the parents, are getting older, so it is harder for the family to know what to get for us.  So, before Christmas, I suggested that something to eat or wear or a charitable donation would be just fine.

Christmas Eve, after all of the other gifts were opened, including gifts of travel and restaurant gift cards, I was given another envelope.  In it was a note that read as follows:

“This year for Christmas our family decided to do random acts of kindness in lieu of presents for our parents and grandparents.  They are some of the most generous people we know, so our gift to them is giving to others in their name.”

Our granddaughter put money in an envelope and wrote, “Every year for the past 33 years we have had honey baked ham as a staple of our Christmas Eve meal.  Please use this money to purchase your ham today.  Enjoy your family and count your blessings every day.”

Another granddaughter adopted their dogs from a shelter.  They donated dog food and blankets to the shelter.

The third granddaughter gave out envelopes with money at a restaurant.  Included was a note explaining what it meant to them when folks helped during a recent health scare with their little son.  They said, “Please enjoy a meal on us and count your blessings.”

Our son had a different experience.  He was in the checkout lane at a grocery store.  The man in front of him was having a problem with his state assistance debit card.  Our son noticed diapers and formula in his cart.  While they were discussing the problem with the manager, my son reached over and swiped his credit card and wished the man a “Merry Christmas.”

My husband and I believe in helping others and were recently wondering if our children were doing the same.

That is why I cried tears of Joy!

hands holding note

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