Mom, I Got You a Car

Krystal Preston is a single mom of three living in Nevada.  She struggles to make ends meet, but things are a little easier these days because of the generosity of her son, William.  Mother’s Day is Sunday, and Krystal and her family have a lot to celebrate.

Click the link below to watch today’s Story of Joy.

Mom, I Got You a Car

2 thoughts on “Mom, I Got You a Car

  1. What may also be interesting is the other side of the story, the lady who sold the car to the 13 year old. She more than likely took much less in payment over all than she had expected. I thinking that lady probably also got a very good feeling out of helping someone in need. I was led, in a very timely manner, to a similar situation and I really like the feeling it gave me to help someone who really needed it, and was in awe at Gods timing.


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