Crossover Event

Some television networks have “crossover events” where shows have storylines that crossover to another show on the same network.  This week Stories of Joy is having a crossover event with the Desert Cross Faith Formation Website.  Both projects come to you from Desert Cross Lutheran Church, a faith community located in Tempe and Gilbert, Arizona.  Our crossover event celebrates the joy and hope we see in the next generation.  This week we’ll share a new story each day highlighting young people doing good for others, a Story of Joy.  These stories fit the November Playlists from our Desert Cross Faith Formation Website, Hope.  What a great week!  We hope you enjoy it.  Today’s Story of Joy goes back to Halloween, and it certainly shows the kindness of kids.  Click the first link below to watch the story.  Then click the other links to explore our Hope Playlists for Children, Youth, and Adults on the Desert Cross Faith Formation Website.

Children Playlists

Youth Playlists

Adult Playlists

One thought on “Crossover Event

  1. I love the statement that mentions this as a character defining action. May we show our good character in caring about others this holiday season.


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