Need Help? Call the Book Club!

In the middle of March our lives changed in so many ways overnight. Our jobs, our school, our interactions were vastly different in the blink of an eye.  Even the way we enjoyed our hobbies changed in dramatic ways. Today’s Story of Joy exemplifies that change when the book club goes from getting together to discuss their latest monthly read to helping get their entire small town in New Mexico vaccinated. They set up a hotline for questions and appointments, contacted churches and community groups, got the word out on social media and coordinated sign ups with the state health department.  We especially appreciated Keri Rath’s quote about this effort not just being about the final result.  She says, “There are a lot of steps that a lot of people can do, so maybe don’t be scared away from helping because you can’t do that final piece.”  Click the first link below to read the story in The Washington Post. Click the second link to watch the story on the CBS Evening News.

Call the Book Club!

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