Delivering Hope

What does hope look like?  For Dion Dawson it looks like a van filled with fresh fruits and vegetables for his neighbors.  Dawson started a non-profit in his hometown of Englewood, a Chicago neighborhood, called Dion’s Chicago Dream.  Instead of people coming to a facility and waiting in a long line to pick up food, Dawson brings his van filled with fresh fruits and vegetables to the doorstep of residents who are food insecure.  He wanted to combine the efficiency of Amazon with the convenience of a food delivery service.  His service is only a year old, and his non-profit is already feeding around 600 families a week and has more than 200 on a waiting list.  Part of his focus comes from his own experience of standing in long lines in the bitter cold Chicago winters or blistering hot summers only to receive food that was moldy and difficult to eat.  As a result his food is fresh and high quality with items like grapes. With each meal he delivers more than just wonderful food.  He delivers hope. Click the link below to listen to the podcast. Scroll down to “The Community Fridge” on the list of titles. It’s eighteen minutes and well worth your time.

Delivering Hope

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