Grab a Shovel!

The recent snowstorm on the east coast dropped more than a foot of snow in many places and disrupted lives in a number of ways. But that didn’t stop Bethel Park High School’s head football coach, Brian DeLallo, from making sure his team got in a workout.  DeLallo emailed his team that the snow would stop them from being able to gather for a weightlifting workout but told them that they should go out into the community and shovel sidewalks and driveways for others who couldn’t do it themselves . . . and they were to do it without accepting any money.  And that is exactly what 40 members of the football team did.  They spent MLK day going throughout the community and shoveling wherever there was a need. One of the teenagers said he appreciated the opportunity to help others because it helped him feel like he was part of something bigger than himself. Click the link below to read about their team effort.

Grab a Shovel!

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