Art by Arsh

Arsh Pal had a big goal. He wanted to raise $1000 for charity when he was eight years old. At the same time he received a watercolor set of paint, so he decided he would sell his artwork to reach his goal. Four years later, he has far exceeded his original goal and now sells his paintings at local art shows, libraries and restaurants.  He estimates that he has sold over 500 paintings in the past four years and continues to donate each dollar he makes from the sale of his paintings to various charities.  His art has not only had an impact on the recipients of his charitable gifts, but he has also started giving art lessons to people in assisted living facilities.  When asked why he does all this charitable work, he has a simple but profound message.  He says, “I want to help the community and spread kindness.” Click the link below to read about this incredible young man.

Art by Arsh

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