Remembering a Lifeline

Twenty years ago Sabrina Kronk was a newly single mom struggling to make ends meet.  One day she put her three-year-old daughter in the car to go off to daycare only to find the car wouldn’t start.  Her car had over 250,000 miles on it, and it had been in the shop quite frequently.  Eventually, Kronk was able to start the car and drive directly to the dealership where she braced for another financial setback.  But it was there that she was thrown a lifeline.  Somehow they found the part her car needed for free (or that’s what they told her), and the mechanics donated their labor. When she came back to pick up the car, she was told there was no charge.  This experience changed how Kronk saw the world and the people that supported them during that difficult time. Click the link below to read and/or listen to today’s Story of Joy.

Remembering a Lifeline

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