Unexpected Kindness

I was checking in on a couple I know who just returned from a difficult trip, and they told me a beautiful Story of Joy.  They traveled across the country to visit their son who is battling terminal cancer.  They usually stay at the same hotel and sometimes visit with the staff.

Because of their son’s condition, he’s been unable to use the shower in his home.  The couple asked if there was a handicapped accessible room available at the hotel for their son to use.  The hotel staff said that the room was booked, but the current guest was checking out.  There would be a small window of time before the next guest checked in.  The hotel staff said that the family could use the room in between guests and that they would clean the room before and after.  Imagine the momentary joy for their son.  How wonderful it felt to have a shower.

When getting ready to checkout, the couple offered to pay for the use of the extra room.  The hotel staff wouldn’t allow them to pay, stating that they were happy to provide some help during this very difficult time.  What kindness.

The joy doesn’t end there.  When getting ready to board the hotel’s airport shuttle, they found the driver was the man they had gotten to know during their visits.  He chose to come in on his day off to drive them to the airport for their return flight home.  Imagine, during one of the most difficult times in your life, being offered such unexpected kindness from people you barely know.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Kindness

  1. Thank you for sharing this reminder that folks do amazingly positive things zillions of times each day even though we don’t read about them in the news. Thank you! 🙂

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