Kindness Found at the Checkout Stand

A friend of Stories of Joy shared the following story with us . . .

I hadn’t done much shopping for groceries recently, and I needed to fill empty shelves in the pantry and refrigerator. I went to my favorite store, Trader Joe’s, and proceeded to fill my basket. When I finished shopping and went to check out, I casually commented that I hadn’t bought that many groceries for quite some time. I was learning to cook for one, my husband had died recently. The cashier turned to her helper, he left, and returned with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. The cashier was so sweet and wished me peace. The look on her face was one of caring and love. When I turned to see who was behind me, I saw two women with tears and looks of caring on their faces.

I realized that strangers do care and bring joy in that caring. I went home with the flowers, groceries, and praising God for providing love in those moments.

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