Giving Machine

I was in downtown Gilbert, AZ to eat dinner on a Friday night, and I noticed a curious gathering by the Gilbert Water Tower. We walked over to see what was going on. There were two bright red vending machines in front of a small building by the splash pad with two long lines that wrapped behind the building of about 20 people each waiting to approach the machines. Each machine was labeled, “Giving Machine.” It was a vending machine for giving to local and global charities. Options included a toy for a child, a meal for a family, or a goat for a village across the globe. I was amazed at the innovative opportunity for people to give to others, but I was more impressed by the amazing response of people in the middle of the consumer-driven Christmas shopping season who were lining up and waiting patiently in long lines to give instead of receive. That was a very heartwarming surprise that I will not soon forget!




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