An Act of Kindness

My family was traveling to Tucson on a Thursday afternoon, and we stopped at In-N-Out Burger along the way. As we were finishing up our meal, I noticed a Pinal County Sheriff walk past our table and leave the restaurant. He went out to his vehicle to retrieve something and headed back into the store. A family of four with two small children was sitting right behind us enjoying their burgers. The deputy walked up to the table and presented each child with an adorable, soft teddy bear! He wished them well and went on his way to serve and protect. The family was amazed and delighted, and each child was clutching their new friend as he departed. Everyone in the restaurant had a smile on their faces! It was a spontaneous moment of love in action, and I felt privileged to have witnessed the joy the deputy brought to that family and to all who were present that day!


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